One year in

Hello world ! I started this journey about a year ago. My best friend got me to join My Fitness Pal. Its an online site that is free and allows you to track your food and exercise. I started and was instantly hooked. Every time you consistently log on it keeps track of the days, which for me was like a little reward to see those numbers increase. I logged in 365 days on June 24th ! I’m still going just having reached 390 a few days ago. I’ve learned a lot from this year and I know there is so much more for me to learn. I want this blog to be a journal of my thoughts, fears, trials and tribulations. Maybe even a motivator for someone who wants to start but doesn’t know where to begin. Loosing weight is not easy. You have to learn what works for you. Food and exercise are not your enemy. You can win the battle.